trip to israel

If you’re looking for insider tips on visiting Israel here’s where to start

As Israel has a bit of everything, no matter when you plan to visit, you’re sure to discover the uniqueness of Israel.

In the winter you can cross from the snowcapped Hermon Mountain to the Negev desert within a day or to take your time and visit many of the historic sites that you can find on the way.

Visit the Hula Valley, especially if you’re an avid bird watcher and nature lover.

The Upper and Lower Galilee where during the winter and spring months are covered with an amazing flower carpet which leads down to the Sea of Galilee, a great place to visit in every season with its sparkling waters and many holy sites dotted all around.


From here you can carry on down through the Jordan Valley which will lead you to the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea.

Be sure not to miss the fresh water springs of Einot Tzukim where you can discover that the Dead Sea is not quite as “dead” as it would appear.

Carrying on southwards you will arrive at the Negev desert with its breath taking  views and the opportunity to travel along part of the ancient Spice Route that crosses from east to west.

But let’s not forget the jewels in the crown –

Eilat where you can swim with the dolphins and scuba dive to see the coral reefs;

Tel Aviv, one of the most young and vibrant cities where during the day you can enjoy the beaches all year round, go back to freshen up at one of the gorgeous boutique hotels and in the evening choose from many excellent restaurants spread all over the city.

Don’t forget to stop by at Acre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where history comes to life and buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman periods merge together;  and of course Jerusalem the Holy City. When you’re done visiting her many religious sites, check out the Mahane Yehuda Market and experience its unique Jerusalem character from the morning till the middle of the night.

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