Light Festival in Jerusalem

Light Festival in Jerusalem 2018

Just two weeks before it begins we wanted to take this opportunity to write about the Jerusalem Light Festival.  This year is the 10th annual festival and with every passing year this extravaganza of light and color won’t fail to leave you wanting to come back for more next year. This year’s Night Festival, which goes on every evening for a week (apart from on Friday night), is suitable for all ages, you can choose to walk on illuminated paths featuring the works of artists from all over the world. The winning combination of stunning backdrops, light, color, art and live performances will heighten your senses on multiple levels.

During the festival you can enjoy walking with friends and family around the picturesque streets and enjoy Jerusalem as a huge live art exhibition. So, if you just want to wonder around by yourselves or, as we would recommend take a guided tour, be sure not to miss out on this amazing Israeli event.

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